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AiLERT Funding

NV secures a local grant to develop AI-based solution for Safe City Project, Islamabad. Safe City has shown great interest in NV’s proposed solution which can enhance the present capability of the Safe City’s video surveillance system for traffic monitoring and incident tracking.

Singularity AI dialogue

Dr. Farrukh Bhatti attended the AI dialogue held at Institute of Space Technology on 11-06-2019

Dr. Moazam completed the HAP project

The 15.2 M PKR project was funded by IGNITE for the development of a stratospheric platform capable of providing internet service to remotely located areas of Pakistan. A team of 10 researchers completed the project on 31-03-2019 in two years time.

BlooM Trial

Our team demonstrated its Blood Storage and Temperature Monitoring (BlooM) in a renowned blood bank. A trial system was installed that successfully culminated 02 months later.

Industrial Visit to Lahore

Our team visited several factories in Lahore that included glass manufacturing, automobile filter fabrication and metal works. The team discussed different IoT solutions for improving assembly line/process efficiency and workers safety.