End-to-end monitoring of sensitive stock

NewVative helps in end-to-end cold chain monitoring of sensitive products in healthcare and other segments by providing real-time visibility and actionable intelligence to all stakeholders throughout the supply chain.


Digital logs with timely alerts 

In case of temperature excursions, our Real-time Temperature and humidity Monitoring System (RTMS), generates alerts through SMS, email and device-mounted buzzer, making it hard to miss the alert. The timely alerts give user time to react and remedy the situation, thus saving the valuable stock.
Get rid of paper-based temperature logs. RTMS saves digital data on server for up to six months. Allows non-editable temperature logs creation for quality review and to fulfill regulatory requirements.


Real-time monitoring during storage and transportation

For monitoring static locations, such as, fridges or freezers in hospitals, raw material and finished product warehouses in pharmaceutical factories, etc., RTMS communicates via WiFi or LAN cable. For monitoring during transportation it communicates through GSM.

Monitoring multiple environmental parameters

In addition to temperature and humidity, several other environmental parameters can also be monitored, including, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Methane, LPG, Alcohol fumes and smoke etc. These sensors are useful for places, such as, hospital kitchens or industrial plants. 

Our Clients

Customized Solutions

Are you looking for monitoring solution for your use case which is not mentioned here. Drop us a message and we would love to help you.